What is the ideal leader for small group?

Great leaders listen with their eyes, ears and hearts. Remind the group why it exists. Your job as a leader is to project a compelling vision. Keep that purpose at the forefront of all small group meetings.

Attentive Large, small group leaders are attentive to the needs, spiritual condition, and personalities of the people they serve. It's not enough for a small group leader to know Bible study material; they should know the people they serve. The leader of a small group should have leadership qualities that allow them to lead others through good times and difficult times. Available The most encouraging person can still become a bad small group leader if they are not available to their group.

The best small group leaders are far from perfect, but they share some common traits that you can easily add to your own life. Small group leaders understand that sometimes they will sacrifice their agenda to minister to their group. But for a great small group leader, being part of a community that is directed toward Jesus is not about being at the forefront, but about leading people to Jesus. Good leaders host their small group in a pristine house or know the best place in town to chat over coffee.

When the time comes, the health of a small group will rest on the strengths of the leader. By listening, this leader gives value and understanding to what is happening in the lives of the children in his group. But one of the mistakes small group leaders make is believing that they have to do most of the teaching and conversation. This list can illuminate areas where you could improve, helping you become a more effective small group leader in the future.

When a leader sees a small group as something they bring together, it's a clear sign that they don't really understand the meaning of the meeting. In the same way, the person who commits to attending church body services, events, and trainings aligns under leadership. Planning small group curriculum and training small group leaders for your church can be a time-consuming project.

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