Personal training small groups?

Awaken emotion Keeping customers motivated can be a challenge, especially in a one-to-one environment. Small-group personal training allows you to add an element of friendly competition and fun to sessions. Clients gain the sociability and responsibility of a group environment without losing themselves in a large class environment. Small-group training consists of a coach working with a group of three to eight clients.

Keeping the group to a maximum of 8 people allows the personal trainer to establish a connection with each individual while paying due attention to the safety, form and alignment of each participant. The cost of private sessions is often a deterrent to many clients, so a cost-effective alternative is small group personal training (also known as semi-private training). A key element to success is choosing a knowledgeable and experienced fitness professional who can create an effective program that ensures that small group training is a positive experience that produces results for clients, and that it is not just a fun workout. It's no secret that small group training is considered a more cost-effective way for people to experience the benefits of working with a fitness professional.

Finally, you should seek feedback from each client who conducts personal small group training with you. But in small group training, that is, when you train three to a dozen clients in the same training session, your time and attention are absolutely scarce. As this NASM video shows, you can apply corrective exercise to small group training and ensure safe and effective training. If you have curious clients that you're not convinced personal training will help, a group session could be the affordable option to test the waters.

Become a coach and cheerleader In this approach, “the coach becomes a coach, walking, giving tips and quick signals, making sure participants move correctly almost like a sports coach,” adds Jade Teta, ND, co-owner of Metabolic Effect in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Some clients can perform both individual training activities so that they can work on their individual concerns related specifically to their bodies while enjoying the experience of small group training. Even in a group setting, clients expect the personal touch provided by a coach, so encouraging real progress is key. Understanding what exactly small group training is and how it differs from individual training, along with learning effective program design, will ensure that small group training is a profitable enterprise for your training business and a positive experience for your customers.

To reap the benefits of this popular training model in your career, here are some essential guidelines you should follow. Fitness trends come and go, but one trend that has been growing in popularity is small group training. However, in addition to not going broke, small group training has been shown to increase the camaraderie, responsibility and success of the people in the group. START WITH SEMI-PRIVATE SMALL GROUP TRAINING Incorporating small group personal training into your services is a great way to attract a wider customer base and bring in more clients without taking up additional training hours.

This could include a welcome package, adding additional classes, or changing the routine to keep group training fresh and effective. .

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