How to train small group leaders?

Large small group leaders are prepared for the group meeting. Don't talk everything. Decide to be comfortable with silence. Remind the group why it exists.

Here are more tips to make weekly small group discussion easier. Because of the life-changing potential that can occur through small groups, it has always been important to have trained leaders, not only to facilitate discussion, but also to guide the members of your group. Small groups are formed for a variety of reasons and, therefore, training should always be specific to the focus and main agenda of your meeting. I have found that one of the most effective ways to train new small group leaders is to use experienced small group leaders as coaches.

But, in addition, training must prepare small group leaders for the challenges relevant to the days in which we live. Small group leaders need to be effectively trained not only to know how to use technology, but also how to use it safely and productively for their small group. Also be sure to train small group leaders on the differences between leading an online and in-person group. This training may include the length of their commitment, the frequency and requirement of attendance for other trainings throughout the year, and even the frequency with which they are expected to meet with their group during a given year.

Small group leaders should be trained on how to respond both within the group meeting and individually.

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